Jack Mallers published a beautiful Twitter thread. A Twitter thread that for me, is definitely at Charles Bukowski’s Go all the way level.

It’s incredible to see how much inspiration and hope Bitcoin can bring to the world. Thanks, Jack.

You can read Jack Twitter thread or read it below (I copy/paste it to make it easier to read):

One small step for #Bitcoin, one giant leap for mankind. Today, humanity takes a giant leap forward in promoting human freedoms, improving financial inclusion, and securing economic stability + economic opportunity for all. Happy #BitcoinDay

Today, a developing nation is protecting against the monetary expansion from central banks and the spillover that large-scale printing of dollars has on the quality of its citizens lives by embracing a monetary system built upon a peer-to-peer network and digital signatures.

Today, a developing nation subscribes to a monetary policy defended by a distributed network. One that cannot be altered by any central bank, government, or 3rd party. An asset with an issuance rate known from day one and a fixed supply that was established before its launch.

Today, a developing nation seeks to promote financial inclusion by utilizing a monetary network that is open, global, inclusive to all, and only requires an internet connection. A network that achieves instant, near-free, and trustless cash finality utilizing math.

Today, a developing nation benefits from an open network, and the network effects and economies of scale that come with it. By plugging into the open system that is #Bitcoin, El Salvador has arguably more resources working on its monetary infrastructure than any other nation.

Today, we celebrate the innovative nature, strength, and resiliency of humanity. Despite unforeseen obstacles and challenging times, we as tool builders continue to fight for the future and push the world in what we hope is the right direction.

Today I sent a remittance payment from my US bank account to a close friend born and raised in El Salvador. The payment was settled instantly. There was no fee. Using the #Bitcoin network under the hood, we were able to achieve cross-border, instant, free, cash finality.

My friend was then able to cash out at one of the many @chivowallet ATMs, walking away with cold hard cash.

Did he need a bank account? Nope.

Did we need @WesternUnion? Nope.

Did he need to use a specific wallet or get specific permissions? Nope.

Were there fees? Nope.

All that was needed was interoperability with the #Bitcoin network. Strike has no business relationship with @chivowallet or any of their ATMs. We simply both integrated and operate on top of the same, singular, payment standard that is #Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

Similarly, here is someone paying for their Starbucks with @ln_strike. Was @chivowallet on the other side of the transaction? No. Honestly, I don’t know who was. The point is, it doesn’t matter. With the #Bitcoin network, there is one singular, open standard for the world.

Congrats, El Salvador Congrats, @nayibbukele

Congrats, #Bitcoin Understanding what you believe is right and relentlessly fighting for it should be admired. Those that care enough to change the world are those that do. I will die on this hill.

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