Netflix — Change at the Speed of Innovation — Part 1

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The Netflix Management Model

  • Decentralized Decisions — employees have maximum freedom and maximum responsibility
  • Fail FastA big benefit of fast iteration is to allow to fail fast (and succeed faster). Failing fast allows spending less time doing things that don’t work.
  • Agile and Self-Service Deployment — developers are responsible to deploy code but they are also responsible for their code (even at 3 am)
  • More Experimentation The faster the organisation fails, more experimentation and learning it can do. It also removes the fear of innovation and knowledge gaps
  • Data Analytics A lot of data science a big data analytics. Everything is A/B tested and every change is compared and validated through real data
  • Learn Quickly Developers have a platform where they have the freedom to experiment, test and learn quickly
  • Culture of Innovation — to be always ready to recognise opportunities as they presented themselves
  • Reduced Risk Fast iterations help to reduce risk during product development. Doing many small changes instead of a few larger ones will mitigate risk.
  • To deploy frequently reduces the cost of correction
  • Veer off from the “optimal direction” is expected.
  • The ability to work in small batches and get feedback earlier has great advantages over a big batch approach
  • Small corrections are easier to make with precision than large corrections
  • Small corrections are easier to get approval for implementing from leadership

Web-Scale Architecture

  • Developers run what they wrote — root access and pagerduty. This way, developers also save the time that they would need to spend to explain to IT od DevOps how to deploy.
  • IT is an API = DevOps automation
  • Github everything and leverage social coding
  • Create a culture to ensure that allows continuous improvement deploying and testing these improvements in minutes or hours.
  • Test and get feedback in hours or days
  • It costs almost nothing
  • A smaller knowledge gap
  • Cost of failure is very low — easy to rollback
  • Easy to deploy
  • A/B test everything
  • Canary test and canary deployment (test first with a smaller group of users which minimizes the impact of bugs and allow a sandbox environment for testing).



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