Hi, I’m Henri. And here is my life story.

This is my 200th article published here on Medium. It’s time for you to know a little more about me — how my experiences took me where I am today.

my rescue cat and I, by Hernique Centieiro
My rescue kitty BunBun and I. She’s the smartest cat I’ve ever met.

In the game of life, there are two things that one needs to do to have a rich life: Collect as many cards as possible and keep playing as far as possible.

These cards are your life experiences, jobs, health, relationships, skills, and knowledge that you have earned along the way.

It might take time, but you will use these cards in the game of life. When you look back and connect the dots, everything will make sense.

When you have collected a nice, valuable deck of cards, this will allow you to have a rich life.

Writing this story was a big self-reflection exercise. When I started writing it, it was supposed to be a way shorter version of my life journey or merely a personal story… but it ended up being a 20-minute long biography.

Henrique Centieiro trying fresh raw milk in switzerland
Trying fresh raw milk from a farm in Switzerland.

If you are new here, hello. My name is Henrique Centieiro, but you can call me Henri. If my name sounds a bit unusual, that’s because I was born in Portugal, more specifically in Lisbon.

I currently live in Hong Kong. During the day, I work in a crypto venture capital firm where I do research to support investments, and at night, I like to go to the gym and create content for my online courses and for this Medium blog.

From 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. every day, I’m looking at crypto and AI, researching, and investing, as well as sharing some of these knowledge with you all.

Here’s how it all started:

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

I’m a true believer that nurture accounts for 90% of what we are. Like the Polgar sisters, we are all born a tabula rasa, a blank slate. Our environment and experiences will shape us.

This is the story of how my experiences took me where I am today.