• Jamilapomeroy


    Jamila Pomeroy is an internationally-published writer, a filmmaker, artist and creative entrepreneur, based in Vancouver, Canada. www.JMPomeroy.com

  • Geoffrey Verity Schofield

    Geoffrey Verity Schofield

    Hi! Just a guy from Quora who lifts and writes about it. Online personal trainer based in Shenzhen, China. New to Medium…and writing. www.fitttle.com

  • TJ Walker

    TJ Walker

  • Onweemeka


  • Rick Govic

    Rick Govic

    Content Strategist writing for Entrepreneurs, Marketers & Creators. Exploring ideas that move the world forward through technology, marketing & platforms.

  • Kenan Tuncay

    Kenan Tuncay

  • Mauro Achille

    Mauro Achille

  • Divyam Malay Shah

    Divyam Malay Shah

    A data scientist that uses theories of Deep Learning to understand the real-world. Connect at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/divyam-shah-a9507ab7/

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