Do you need some “fake” Ether to play around with the Ethereum testnet?

Just follow this step-by-step to be an Ethereum millionaire (on the test net)

This step-by-step was part of one of my NFT sessions where I was showing my students how to mint an NFT.

If you want to learn how to create NFTs. check out my NFT course on Udemy. If you are looking to grab some test Ether, just follow the steps!

Well, there are different reasons why you may want to use some test Ether. Maybe you want to test how to create an NFT without incurring gas fees (the fees that you pay in the Ethereum network). Maybe you want to test a new Ethereum application that you have developed, test a smart contract (oh yes, please dotest smart contracts!). Maybe you just want to get familiarized with Ethereum and the respective Ethereum wallets by sending around test Ethereum… Enfin, Etherum test networks are great precisely to test anything!

  • A computer
  • Internet connection
  • Chrome or Firefox or Brave browser
  • Metamask wallet
  • Some test ETH in the Rinkeby network
  • Creativity :)

Let’s go ahead and play around with the Rinkeby test network on the Etherum blockchain! This test network pretty much replicates the real Ethereum network, and you can use it to test your applications or smart contracts before launching them in production in the main net.

To be able to follow along during the session, please complete the following steps ahead of the class in order to prepare your Metamask wallet:

1. Have one of the following browsers on your computer: Chrome, Firefox and Brave

2. Install the Metamask wallet. Head to, download and install the wallet

The Metamask icon should be visible in your browser.

3. Click the icon and create a password, create an account, and make sure you write down the seed phrase and store in a safe place. Note that the seed phrase is going to be your backup in case you have any assets in your Metamask wallet and you lose access to it.

4. Once the wallet is created, select the Rinkeby test network. The Ethereum test networks are Rinkeby, Goerly, Ropsten and Kovan. By the way, can you guess what do these names have in common?

5. Once you select Rinkeby, click “Buy”. We are now going to get some free test Ether. Click “Get Ether”

6. You will now see the Rinkeby network block explorer. Click “Crypto Faucet”

7. To avoid network spamming, the Ether faucet will ask you to paste a social media link with your Rinkeby Ether wallet. You can copy/paste it as per the example below and post it to social media. Personally, I was using Twitter, but Facebook should also work. Once the process is completed, you can delete the Tweet.

Oh, and by the way, this is my Tweeter handle:

8. Once the process is finished, you should be able to see test Ether in your wallet! Yay!

Now we are good to start playing around with the Roinkeby Ethereum test network!

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