Cypher Society NFT Distribution Completed!

Here’s is how to see your Cypher Society NFT:

  1. Go to OpenSea
  2. Select your profile and login with your Metamask or other Web3 wallets
  3. Select “Hidden”. You should be able to see your NFT there. OpenSea hides NFTs that are airdropped because they don’t know if it is spam or a legit NFT.

Here’s how to join the Cypher Society exclusive Discord Group

  1. Head to Cypher Society Discord server:
  2. Select the channel #collabland-join
  3. Click “Let’s go!” to start the verification process. Collabland will connect to your wallet to verify if it contains the Cypher Society NFT (which is the key to entering the Discord group. No information is collected or stored.
  4. Welcome to Cypher!



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