How the Dollar hegemony undermines world freedom and taxes the poor

El Salvador Runs a Bitcoin Scam — WSJ — 13/09/2021 Source:


Does WSJ’s Mary Anastasia O’Grady need to call El Salvador a scam because they want an alternative to “monopoly money”?

Let’s put El Salvador and Bitcoin adoption into perspective.

Since the end of World War II, the U.S. Dollar has been seen as the world reserve currency.

Central Bankers, Politicians, Paul Krugman zombie followers and Bitcoin ignorants continue to call Bitcoin a scam. This statement is not only misguided but also deflects attention from the longest and biggest scam of all time: the US dollar.

Before continuing with this…

One word: trust.

Views expressed are purely personal, and this is NOT financial advice!

Modern banking was created during the Italian Renaissance about 500 years ago. Back then, it was indeed a technological disruption. Nevertheless, for 500 years, banks and financial institutions were the only way humans could send value to each other, do business or keep their assets securely (at least most of the time).

Bitcoin and blockchain are changing things.

The current financial system has its problems. Although it’s a tough job, I’m going to try to summarize them:

I’m so tired of this chart.
  • Monetary policies such as keeping interest rates artificially low…

So… The Binance NFT marketplace has been very quiet since its launch… but that doesn’t mean that there are no quality projects there.

Views expressed are purely personal, and this is NOT financial advice.

In this article, I’m going a bit out of my typically technical topic to talk about this new NFT marketplace.

Is this a good time to look at the Binance NFT projects? Maybe!

To start, the Binance NFT marketplace is one of the most recent in the NFT space. However, from one side, the platform is still lacking features, and you cannot transfer your purchased NFT…

If you are here, it’s because you want to know which token Smart Contract you should choose to mint your NFTs.

The answer to that question may not be what you were expecting. Actually, I’ve also been preaching the most expensive Smart Contract…. but bear with me to see the differences! Read this article carefully and you will understand the differences between these ERC token standards.

ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comments. But what are ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1155? Let’s dive in a little deeper on each one of them.

Initially, I thought that Ethereum was a thing that…

“DeFi is just hype!” Stablecoins, Decentralized Exchanges, Lending/Borrowing platforms and automated market makers? What are the true numbers, and what is DeFi daring to do to traditional finance?

The Truth: “An entire new financial industry is being built on the top of DeFi”. I’m sure you have heard this sentence somewhere. Is it true? Can DeFi actually replace the traditional “centralized finance”?

This question is more pertinent in 2021 when DeFi came out of the crypto caves to become a David fighting Goliath.

Thanks to DeFi, financial instruments (like loans, savings, trading, etc.) can now be decentralized, trustless, and available anywhere in the world. …

Jack Mallers published a beautiful Twitter thread. A Twitter thread that for me, is definitely at Charles Bukowski’s Go all the way level.

It’s incredible to see how much inspiration and hope Bitcoin can bring to the world. Thanks, Jack.

You can read Jack Twitter thread or read it below (I copy/paste it to make it easier to read):

One small step for #Bitcoin, one giant leap for mankind. Today, humanity takes a giant leap forward in promoting human freedoms, improving financial inclusion, and securing economic stability + economic opportunity for all. Happy #BitcoinDay

Today, a developing nation is…

NFTs are scarce… so it is a photo dookie! How come my dookie doesn’t have any value?!

What exactly is behind NFT’s value? Is it the scarcity? Uniqueness? The ability to brag/flex that you have spent $1.3 for a picture of a rock?

Getting ready for a new NFT…

Yes, I’m saying it. NFTs are worthless. But before you shoot me down, let me explain.

What are NFTs?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are a record on the blockchain of a unique asset's ownership (or sometimes wonershit).

These NFTs are usually represented by a token minted from an Ethereum ERC721 Smart Contract, which basically allows you to represent the ownership…

Bitcoin is here to stay. The new gold standard, crypto asset, cryptocurrency, no matter what you call it and how you see it. It passed the tipping point—the point from now where mass adoption is the most likely outcome.

These are the 5 reasons why you should have Bitcoin:

  • Bitcoin is the most secure and resilient IT system ever created
  • Bitcoin is paving the roads for mass adoption
  • The new monetary policies (money printer goes brrr)
  • Investment decisions and portfolio allocation
  • You can trust the system

The most secure and resilient IT system ever created

The technology has matured over more than ten years since its first inception in…

So you want to start an NFT business or want to bring NFTs to your current organization?

Let me give you a hand with what I would call a “Framework for a Successful NFT Business.”

In this article, digested and condensed and translatde into 7 steps the Visa NFT paper “NFTs Engaging Today’s Fans in Crypto and Commerce” so that you don’t have to read the boring 17 pages. They have created a surprisingly clear (but long/boring) paper describing what NFTs are. If you want to go back to the basics of what NFTs are, check this article.

Like cryptocurrencies…

Are Financial Institutions tailed to be left behind in the blockchain/crypto world? Everyone knows that traditional Financial Institutions are lagging behind all the crypto ecosystem, light years behind. So is there hope to catch up?

Deloitte’s survey polled 1280 senior executives in the financial industry from 10 different countries. The objective was to get a general understanding of their sentiment regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies. (…if they understand it at all).

The results are surprising, and it shows that there’s a huge gap between the survey responses and the blockchain market. In my view, this means that we will continue to…

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